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Insurance Coverage for First Time Home Buyers


Buying a new home can be a crazy process! One of the hurdles you have to jump through is to secure a great homeowners insurance policy. It is important to make sure that you get the right coverage to protect what is most likely your biggest asset.

What if I Already Have Home Insurance?


If you are already a homeowner, we can still help you – even if you are in the middle of your term. We could save you hundreds by comparing your rate with multiple top-rated companies, like Progressive, Safeco, Hippo, Grange, and more. If your insurance is not up for renewal, your current insurance company will send you a refund for any unused premium. You have nothing to lose!

Things You Should Consider When Purchasing a Homeowners Policy in Tennessee


Tennessee is its own animal when it comes to weather. This can lead to special considerations for your homeowners insurance that a computer or an agent on the other side of the country might not know.

Here are a few things you want to make sure you consider adding on to your Tennessee homeowners insurance policy.

  • Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is something that every homeowner should consider, even if your mortgage company does not require it. Did you know that an insurance company defines a flood as ANY outside water coming in? So what about that water seeping into your basement? Not covered. And now you are still with possibly tens of thousands of dollars in damage to repair out of pocket.

Approximately, one quarter of all flood insurance claims are not in high risk areas. So, especially if you have a basement or you are in a low lying area, it is a good idea to consider flood insurance.

  • Earthquake Coverage

Homeowners policies do not cover any kind of earth movement. This includes earthquakes, sinking, shifting, rising, expanding, or contracting of earth. These kinds of claims are often caused by excessive rain or drought and usually involve the foundation of a home. This is a several thousand dollar fix. When purchasing a home, especially a new one, consider adding earthquake coverage to your policy.

  • Water Backup Coverage

A typical homeowners policy does not cover water or sewer backing up into your home through the drains or sump pump. This is actually a very common and messy claim. Water and sewer backup coverage is usually very inexpensive ($50-$250 a year depending on the limits you choose). Selecting this coverage also qualifies you for “loss of use” coverage if this type of event displaces you from your home.

How Do I Know I Am Covered?


Often people will purchase homeowners coverage without understanding what is or is not included. We will be happy to explain all aspects of your coverage so that you are confident you understand your policy. Even if you don’t buy from us, we will look over your current policy to make sure there are no gaps in your coverage that could put you at risk.