Commercial Property Insurance

Protection for Every All of Your Business Property

We offer quotes from top-rated, nationally-known carriers for all types of commercial property insurance. Commercial property can be defined as any building that is larger than a single-family home – from a duplex to a skyscraper. You can also by commercially-zoned property that will require the need for commercial property insurance.

Below are the 8 types of commercial property we insure, along with their descriptions.

  • Office

Office building can be low-rise, mid-rise, or high-rise. They are also usually categorized into Class A, Class B, and Class C, depending on the building’s quality and the location. Class A properties are of the highest quality and location, while Class B may be of high quality with a less desirable location. Class C will be of lower quality in an unfavorable location.

  • Retail

Retail buildings can vary from strip centers and shopping malls to power centers and out parcels.

  • Industrial

Industrial buildings include heavy manufacturing, light assembly, and warehouses.

  • Multifamily

Multifamily family properties include duplexes, triplexes, and quadplexes, as well as apartments – whether garden, mid-rise, or high-rise.

  • Mixed Use

Mixed use properties are common in cities and include a mix of the types of properties listed above. 

  • Hotels / Hospitality

This categories is self explanatory and includes full-service hotels, bed and breakfasts, and extended stay hotels.

  • Special Purpose

Special purpose serves as the miscellaneous category of commercial property. Special purpose commercial property includes everything from amusement parks, bowling alleys, zoos, parking lots, theaters, and more.

  • Land

Commercial land can typically either be undeveloped, used for agricultural purposes, or vacant

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